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Fuel Tank Teams

Combining the highly experienced skills of the Afast Aero teams with the support of HANGAR 901 we are able to offer worldwide AOG/planned support for all fuel tank issues

to include:


  • Fuel leak repairs

  • Component replacements

  • System trouble shooting

  • Fuel tank cleaning

  • SB/AD’s Modification

  • Preventative maintenance programs

When dealing with fuel leaks, our technicians use the many techniques they have learned over thousands of repairs to carry out speedy first-time permanent fixes.


The most important thing to do when dealing with leaks is to find the source of the internal leak entry point.


Our teams always use their approved equipment & their experience to locate these internal leak entry points every time. Knowing these locations and carrying out subsequent correct sealant replacements ensures a leak free future that will save many hours/days of wasted down time and lost revenue.  

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