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Cabin Modifications

Aim for continuous product improvement

We support the change in aviation sector by addapting your aircraft to current market demand. Digitalisation and development of e-commerce opened opportunity for effective utilization of your fleet. We offer you our knowledge and experience in conversions, modifications and reconfigurations to let you generate more business opportunities.  


Our Cabin Team provides modifications, upgrades, refurbishments and replacements. We also offer repairs and reworks to bring your ship to perfect shape.
  • Aircraft floor coverings, including edge stiching and NTF replacements

  • Decor and paint work on cabin modules, components and panels

  • Galley and lavatory module alterations 

  • Cabin & emergency equipment layout conversions

  • Aircraft alterations from passanger to freighter

  • Cargo system conversions 

  • Exterior and interior cleaning

  • Repair and rework of cabin parts and components

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If you require any further information please contact our Sales Team

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